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All arrangements made subject to the Lord's Will

Visiting the Chapel


We welcome visitors to the services at the Chapel


Remembering it is God's house, please wear modest clothing, and what is smartly dressed for you.

If you have a Bible from our Bible boxes please bring it along and follow the reading during the service. We will give the page numbers out to help you find the place.

See the "Services" page for the order of Service and sub pages for live streaming.




- Be aware of NHS guidance for when you have Covid and act responsibly.

- Be understanding of those who still wish to wear masks and / or keep their distance.

- Still use the hand sanitiser provided.


Chapel Notices

Individual notices can be downloaded from pdf list below.

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Free Bible Offer

Live streamed services can be

listened to over a landline phone

If you know someone who does not have a computer that would benefit from this, please print the page and give or send to them.

Chapel Collections

If you appreciate the ministry at Cranbrook and wish to support it, you may do so anonymously through this web site. Please see the Contact and Giving page.

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Engagement Lists

Click on the above lists to view and download a pdf copy.

Please note that engagements are subject to change. Notice of this will be on this notice board.