Old St Davids Bridge post card-screen -
Listen To our Services by Telephone (Zoom)
  1. Call 020 3695 0088 Wait for answer and then follow instructions

  2. Enter meeting ID when asked: 303 736 1156 #

            These are easy to remember, Gadsby's hymn numbers.

  3. Then just press # to continue (No participant ID needed)

      (National call rates apply:  If you have a package that allows free calls under an hour, just hang-up in the middle hymn and then rejoin the meeting)

In 1900 when this photo was taken, the telephone had only been invented 24 years before, but it would not be until another 83 years before the internet was invented.

Many people today do have a telephone, but still do not use the internet. If you know of someone who would like to listen to live services over the telephone, please let them have a print of this page.

Thank you.